Oil on canvas, unsigned, late 17th century, Italian School, nativity, detaíl after restoration.


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Condition before conservation and restoration is searchable in the following categories (just type one or several in the square to the left):
- polution
- yellowed varnish
- lifting of the picture layer
- flaking of the picture layer
- craquelure
- cuts
- holes in canvas
- overpaintings
- darkening old retouches
- cracks in the paint layer
- damages caused by humidity
- damages caused by heat
- molding
- relining
- cracks in wood panel painting
- indentations

You can also use searchword for one or several of the following categories:
- Artist (for example Ulrica Pasch)
- Signature (for example A tergo)
- Date (for example A tergo. 19th century)
- Object (for example Portrait of a lady)
- Size (for example 70 x 55 cm)
- Year (for example 18th century)
- Technique/Material (for example Oil on canvas)
- Origin (for example Sweden)
- Condition before conservation and restoration.



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